Hotel & Resorts- Tie-ups & Development

Hotel & Resorts- Tie-ups & Development

Hotel & Resort owners and investors need a very wide range of support to meet their business goals. We aim to be there for our clients at every stage in the hotels investment cycle. There are many brokers and many advisors but few firms that combine these skills and none in the breadth and depth that we deliver.

Hotel & Resort owners, investors and operators need a very broad set of skills and experience to meet business goals in an increasingly competitive market. We deliver the complete range of advisory and brokerage services to support our clients at every stage in their investment cycle.

Hotel Operator SelectionV

Since brand credibility is important –we have developed this service for prospective and existing property entrepreneur who desires to bring in a high profile international chain of hotels to Operate & manage a property- A process that can enhance both performance levels and the overall value of a hotel development.

At Arya Group, we facilitate the operator selection process by utilizing our good contacts with key decision makers at major hotel companies, as well as by generating a report, summarizing the benefits of the opportunity. We coordinate a site visit to introduce the developer or investor to potential operators, as precursor to selecting and negotiating with shortlisted and approved brand partners

Hotel Management Contract NegotiationV1

At Arya Group, we are skilled and experienced in negotiating favorable contracts between our clients – hotel developers or investors – and the hotel operators who intent to manage their properties. At every step, during the process, we exercise care in analyzing the issues and facilitating the development of the right management agreement with mutually beneficial and profitable contractual clauses.

Ultimately, it’s all about taking the pressure off our clients, making sure their interests are properly represented in achieving the best possible results in the final contract.

Acquisition Advice

Clients come to us for advice at all levels of investment from a single small hotel or development project to large hotel portfolios and mixed-use developments.  Our advice is focused on identifying the best investment opportunity and achieving the best price with speed and certainty of closure.

We undertake:more-loyal-and-trusting-investors

  • Market Research
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Support in negotiation
  • Contract advice and due diligence
  • Brand Selection

We offer clients deep experience in hotel real estate strategy and management. This means a broader value perspective on property utilization prospects together with a finger on the pulse of real-time market conditions at any moment, anywhere in the India.